The company has been established in 1957 by Elio Lanzoni and thanks to its great experience matured throughout this time, LANZONI s.r.l. is able to offer its products to various sectors, being a versatile company and meeting all new market requirements.

The main activity of LANZONI s.r.l. is currently the production of mechanical steel, half-hard and polycarbonate bird deterrents approved by L.I.P.U. (Italian Society for the Protection of Birds).
These products, first designed and manufactured by LANZONI s.r.l. since 1989, are used all over Europe and in other countries in order to protect eaves, gutters, architectural decorations, small balconies, etc. from birds and to ensure greatest hygiene and embellishment of the buildings.

In addition, LANZONI s.r.l. manufactures cappers for crown caps, an accessory for the kit to be used for the domestic production of beer, wine, cider, grappa, etc. (80% of these products are sold in Australia and New Zealand).

Other sectors where LANZONI s.r.l. operates: accessories for tinsmithing and roofs and accessories for hand-made fire-places.